RMI Compiling List of Manufacturers That Make Components/Products Need to Fight COVID-19

Last Updated on Mar 24, 2020 at 3:18pm | COVID-19

In an effort to assist the State and the people of Maryland, the Regional Manufacturing Institute of Maryland (RMI) is creating a database of Maryland manufacturing companies that make components, technologies, materials, and products needed to fight COVID-19. Medical facilities and manufacturers are currently looking for this information.
If your company makes components or end products for the medical industry, please visit https://rmiofmaryland.com/maryland-made-to-save-lives/ to add your company's name and contact information to the database.
A complete list of all companies that sign up will be on the RMI website at https://rmiofmaryland.com/.
RMI expects the database to be live within 24 hours, and it will be availableto anyone wishing to access it.
 In addition, RMI will share the database with State leaders and key decision makers who will be helping to procure additional medical equipment and supplies much needed at this critical time.