21st Century Rural

Last Updated on Dec 15, 2017 at 9:55am | Garrett County Economic Development

Rural Maryland is rarely synonymous with tech industry companies, but one group is looking to change that perception. Adventure Capital, located in Garrett County is gathering steam on a new initiative to locate broadband-connected business to the Mountains of Western Maryland. The initiative was launched in midsummer of 2017 under the nonprofit group, Engage Mountain Maryland (EMM). The organization saw a need to catapult their community into the 21st Century by inviting internet-based businesses to the wilds of the Appalachian Mountains. Their call for business types is wide and includes data processing, government contracts, research and development, call centers, back-office support, light manufacturing, and any number of companies that no longer require daily face-time with clients.
“This is not a new idea,” says Mark Stutzman, President of EMM. “I’ve worked from Garrett County for close to 30 years with clients from all over the world." It’s common that companies look overseas to cut costs after comparing expenses in US metropolitan areas but Adventure Capital points out the advantages of keeping businesses in a more affordable, inshore location and planting themselves firmly on American soil.
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