Garrett Trails Slates Ribbon-Cutting Ceremony for Meadow Mountain Trail

Last Updated on Oct 27, 2017 at 11:34am | Tourism & Recreation

Article courtesy of NCWV Media - The Republican.  Staff Writer: Rachel Vecchioni.
A ribbon-cutting ceremony and official opening will be held by Garrett Trails for the second phase of Meadow Mountain Trail in Grantsville. The ceremony is set for Nov. 13 at 1 p.m. where the trail intersects with Frank Brenneman Road.
Garrett Trails is a non-profit, volunteer organization dedicated to the development of a well-used network of high-quality, sustainable trails that provide access to Garrett County’s historic, municipal and environmental treasures which link to trails outside the county. Garrett Trails believes outstanding, quality trails are important to the economic development of the county, will attract visitors and will promote fitness and outdoor enjoyment for county residents.
The group is currently raising funds through its “Buy a Foot — Build a Trail” fundraising campaign, which is a donation of $10 per foot of trail. Those interested may donate by visiting The Gran Fondo and A Taste Of Garrett are two of the major fundraising events held by Garrett Trails to help fund current and future trail projects. The Gran Fondo, held in June each year, has established itself as a premier North American Gran Fondo unsurpassed in challenge, scenery and riding quality.
The Meadow Mountain segment runs along the ridge of Meadow Mountain from Interstate 68 in Grantsville to its current termination south of Frank Brenneman Road to Rt. 495. A trail extension would bridge an existing gap and provide passage all the way to Deep Creek Lake State Park. Interstate 495 provides a direct alignment for half of the route and the Discovery Center at Deep Creek Lake State Park may serve as a highly visible starting/ending point for the trail.
The following stages illustrate the progression of new projects and trail development:
1. Trail concept and exploration: This stage involves a tremendous amount of conceptual research before anything concrete can be
    approached. Trail location, usage, connections, amenities and interest must all be considered.
2: Trail alignment and securing access/easements: Initial contact is made with land owners and research is shared with them
     to address any concerns. If all issues are successfully rectified, the drafting of any needed easement agreements begins.
3: Engineering/construction planning and environmental review: At this stage, need for engineering reports and corresponding
     fees are examined. Engineers are hired to review all aspects of the suggested trail and all land parcel and owners are finalized.
4: Construction funding and construction: The main components of this step include constructing a budget, identifying and
     securing a funding source primarily via grants and preparing all relevant contracts.
5: Mapping, promotion, and maintenance: This step includes promoting the newly constructed trail, outlining a maintenance strategy
    for upkeep, and updating all Garrett Trails materials to reflect the new trail.
More information can be obtained by visiting