DNG Announces Launch of NeuBeam High Speed Internet

Last Updated on Oct 20, 2016 at 1:55pm | Technology

Declaration Networks Group, Inc. (DNG) successfully launched its NeuBeam™ High Speed Internet service (www.neubeam.com) in portions of southern Garrett County, MD, offering residential and business broadband at speeds up to 20x greater than available offerings, with no data caps for any service packages. Today's announcement marks an important milestone in the public/private partnership between Garrett County and DNG developed to deploy state-of-the art broadband network infrastructure. The initiative was developed by Garrett County and partially funded by a matching grant from the Appalachian Regional Commission (ARC). The cooperative model pairs the County with a private partner, DNG, to develop the infrastructure needed to deliver high speed Internet services to unserved or underserved homes and businesses in targeted areas of the County.
Paul Edwards, Chair of Garrett County's Board of Commissioners, said, "We are excited to be partnering with DNG on the launch of NeuBeam.  Providing robust Internet services benefits the County in many ways, including economic development opportunities and educational advancement. Having enhanced Internet is critical to the needs of both Garrett County residents and visitors alike."
NeuBeam customers can now more easily connect with family and friends, stream movies, access school and training resources, play games and download music, use social media and shop online, and work from home, among other benefits. NeuBeam service for residents and businesses is currently available in several communities in southern Garrett County, and a significant network buildout is planned that will include more unserved and underserved areas of the County.
Customer feedback has been very positive. Jen Durben, a Garrett County resident said, "I was beyond excited to learn that NeuBeam was available in my area. The process from beginning to end was very easy. The technical team was very friendly and great to work with. They handled the installation quickly and efficiently and I can't be happier to have high speed Internet in my home."
From an economic development perspective, the launch of NeuBeam service is an important milestone representing enormous value to the County. Residents and businesses now have access to cost-effective broadband service, making possible telework, home-based businesses, and home schooling.  With the introduction of NeuBeam service, the County will be able to close the homework gap for many students in the County schools who do not currently have broadband in their homes.
"NeuBeam customers in Garrett County are for the first time enjoying affordable, high speed access to the Internet," said Bob Nichols, CEO of Declaration Networks Group, Inc. "DNG proudly joins Garrett County and the Appalachian Regional Commission in their commitment to provide advanced technology solutions that support the needs of the digital generation."
DNG's NeuBeam service is now available in portions of Garrett County as well as several markets in Maryland and Virginia, leveraging fiber networks and unlicensed spectrum allocated by the FCC to efficiently support the use of quality broadband services. DNG is a leader in the deployment of broadband networks and pioneering wireless technologies, including TV White Space frequencies which are deployed in much of the unserved parts of Garrett County to address the challenging mountainous terrain and heavy foliage. 
Barry Toser
Declaration Networks Group, Inc.
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For more info about DNG, go to www.declarationnetworks.com and www.neubeam.com.  
For more info about Garrett County, go to www.garrettcounty.org/broadband.