TGCC Launches Regional Job Intern Bank

Last Updated on Sep 23, 2016 at 9:02am | Business Resources

The Greater Cumberland Committee, in cooperation with Garrett and Allegany Counties, has launched a new Regional Job Intern Bank to assist employers who are seeking to fill job vacancies, students who are seeking internships to fullfill college study requirements, and the general public seeking employment.
What is It?
--A FREE job database containing internships, part-time and full-time positions in the region
--Free to Employers
--Free to Students and the General Public

What Can Employers Do With It?
--Employers create their own account and include a contact person.
--Employers can advertise positions, FREE of charge
--Employers have full control of the job descriptions
--Employers can get immediate emails if an applicant in the system matches their criteria
--Employers can search the database themselves for potential employees/interns
--If employers don’t have time to enter positions, TGCC staff will enter the information for them
What Can Students/Applicants Do with It?
--Applicants/Job seekers are immediately available to many employers in the region
--Resumes, references, letters of recommendation can be uploaded
--Applicants can search with keywords to locate jobs or internships
--Applicants can also run their search on (a national database)
--Online resources, such as The Campus Career Coach, are available to applicants

What Else?
--Announcements can be posted on the home page (Perhaps a college is hosting a Resume Workshop?)
--Upcoming events can be posted on the homepage calendar (When and where is the next Job Fair?)
--Both announcements and upcoming events can be sent to all users via email

How Do I Use It?
--To access the database, go to
--Scroll down the page and choose either Job/Intern Applicant Login or Employer Login

If you need any assistance, please call TGCC at 301-722-0090 or email