"Science Fair on Steroids" Slated for August 13th

Last Updated on Aug 5, 2016 at 9:02am | Garrett County Economic Development

The following article appeared in the August 2016 issue of The Lake-Front magazine and is being reprinted here in its entirety with permission.
Are you involved in a creative hobby and would like to learn more about how to turn it into a small business endeavor? Do you fondly remember cutting and gluing construction paper, building with LEGOs, or coloring in books as a kid? Maybe you still make time to explore electronics or pursue painting but it’s not as often as you like. Maybe you feel like your kids get to have all of the fun?
Visit the upcoming Mountain Maker Fest event to be held at the Garrett College Career Technology Training Center in Accident, Maryland on August 13th from 10:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. to learn more about all of this and much, much more!
Mountain Maker Fest is a festival event to bring together people of all ages and interests to experience, participate and learn about ways others make goods as hobbyists, inventors, entrepreneurs or would-be entrepreneurs. There will be artists, artisans, and makers of all types: food, soap, bread, robots, textiles, electronics, etc. The goal is to have artists and other vendors demonstrate, talk about and even get attendee participation in their art, craft or endeavor. 
As part of the Power of Possibilities series of events hosted by Garrett College and The Greater Cumberland Committee, Mountain Maker Fest was a concept developed to share innovation and creativity with groups of like-minded individuals. This event will feature ideas that may never have been thought to be combined before and create “ah-hah” moments for the attendees.
Stations planned by Garrett College, and our partners, GEARS, Inc. and FIRST Team 1629 are an interactive floor piano, life-like sim-lab manikin, super sized working Nintendo controller, a high-five photo booth, and pole climbing robots. You will actually get to make and take home flashing name badges and your very own brush bugs (small racing robots made from a cell phone motor, a custom 3D printed piece, a small battery and the head of a toothbrush). Also, there will be Makey Makey and LEGO make and play areas for you to build and imagine the next greatest invention.
Also, vendors will include a Card Caddy demonstration, a demonstration on Dusty’s Dust, a gluten-free baking demonstration, crafts by the GC Civic Club, baking bread, and a community art project facilitated by Regina Holliday, nationally renowned health care advocate and artist.
Overall, the Maker Movement is about sharing ideas and learning from makers and do-it-yourselfers in science, arts, technology, consumer products, wood, agriculture, metal, leather, robotics, food, textiles and other mediums! A focus on sharing ideas and learning through S.T.E.A.M. (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Mathematics). Last year Mountain Maker Fest had over 400 attendees at this “science fair on steroids.”
According to Mike Tumbarello, co-director of the Mountain Maker Fest, “The maker movement is alive and well in Garrett County with numerous creative individuals and small businesses. All these efforts allow people to reach their full potential, hone their skills and maybe even prepare for jobs or small business ownership.”
Makers include hobbyists, artisans, micro businesses, and “do it yourselfers” (DIY) who are creators and innovators. DIY can stand for everything from baking a cake, to performing a dance, to creating handmade products like jewelry, arts or crafts, and even robots and 3D printers.
Quite simply, the goal of this event is to help transform the regional culture to one of “possibilities” and opportunistic thinking while also helping individuals realize their potential, enhance their lives and form or grow a business. Kids (and adults) will come away from the event learning a bit more about design, creation, and innovation.
Sarah Myers, co-director of the Mountain Maker Fest, who is an entrepreneur and a maker herself along with her duties at Garrett College, commented that “There are many people involved in innovation and creative endeavors in the region and we hope to bring them all together to share, interact and explore. The maker movement is especially relevant for students that hope to better understand S.T.E.A.M components and gain insight into future opportunities for fun, learning and profit.”
This is an event to bring your entire family, and both kids and adults can LEARN, EXPERIMENT, EXPLORE, and MAKE with us!
The event is the latest in the Power of Possibilities series, and is sponsored by Garrett College, the Garrett College Center for Entrepreneurship and Innovation, and The Greater Cumberland Committee. To learn more about the second annual Mountain Maker Fest and how to participate as an attendee, hobbyist or vendor, persons may contact Mike Tumbarello at (301) 387-3167 or Sarah Myers at (301) 387-3771 or sarah.myers01@ garrettcollege.edu.