Leadership Garrett County Program Announced

Last Updated on Aug 26, 2016 at 12:13pm | Workforce Development

Garrett College recently announced the formation of the inaugural year for Leadership Garrett County, a new program designed to train and retain the next generation of leadership in Garrett County. The program is open to all Garrett County residents in the early stages of their career who are seeking to expand their leadership skill sets and learn more about the key components of the county, including government, criminal justice, heathcare, agriculture, education, etc.
All those interested must apply for admission by completing a simple application and enclosing a $25 application fee and submitting for consideration by October 10, 2016.  Applications will be reviewed by a panel of local leaders from areas in business, government, and education. Leadership program members will meet once a month for a full day to hear about leadership techniques, hear from local leaders, and tour local facilities to enhance program members’ awareness and understanding of local institutions.
“For years, Garrett County leaders have considered starting a leadership program for early career professionals and this new program is the culmination of those conversations and efforts,” stated Julie Yoder, Dean of Continuing Education and Workforce Development at Garrett College. “This program represents a partnership between Garrett College and Garrett County Economic Development and is not an academic program, but is instead a practical program for us to build the next generation of leaders in our county.”
One of the key reasons for starting Leadership Garrett County is to ensure the sustainability of the county as both a great place to live and a great place to work and build a business. To be competitive as a business location and community, Garrett County needs continuous rejuvenation of our human capital. According to Alex McCoy, Director of Garrett County Economic Development, “Garrett County has been blessed with many strong leaders who got us to where we are today. To continue on our path to even more success, we must develop the various skills and traits common to good leaders throughout all of Garrett County. No community can have too many good leaders, be them elders in our churches, students in our schools, elected officials, or members in our civic clubs. Leaders make a difference."
“While many other counties in the state have their own leadership programs, Garrett County, until now, has not had one,” according to Mike Tumbarello, Director of the Garrett College Center for Entrepreneurship & Innovation and the director of this new program. “This program is designed to engage county residents from the millennial generation (those born in the late 70’s through though the early 00’s). In partnership with Garrett County Economic Development, we are hoping to expose this next generation of county leaders to the skills and experiences needed to help ensure Garrett County’s future success.”
The program, open to any Garrett County resident, costs $350 for the year, which includes group meals and transportation to various sites during the monthly all-day meetings. Any county organization can nominate and sponsor a prospective member of this inaugural class. More information and an application can be found at www.4ruralsuccess.com. Interested organizations and individuals can also contact Tumbarello at 301-387-3167 or mike.tumbarello@garrettcollege.edu for more information or with questions.
For more information on this topic or Garrett College, please contact Stacy Holler at 301-387-3045 or stacy.holler@garrettcollege.edu.