In the Spotlight: Deep Creek Donuts

Last Updated on May 20, 2016 at 1:44pm | Garrett County Economic Development

"In the Spotlight" is a regular feature of The Lake-Front magazine and is being reprinted here in its entirety with permission. This article originally appeared in the May 2016 issue.
Bill Meagher knows how to please our cravings for all things delicious. As owner of Lakeside Creamery ice cream, The Popcorn Factory and McHenry Deep Creek Sweets, he knows how to sweeten your day. His newest endeavor, Deep Creek Donuts, highlights one of America’s favorite breakfast and anytime foods, but with a twist!
Located next to the Popcorn Factory on Garrett Highway, Deep Creek Donuts will serve hot, fresh donuts custom made just for you...while you watch! The new space, located in the former Yoder’s Country Store location, has large windows where you can see, hear and smell all the delicious fun.
Deep Creek Donuts will feature traditional vanilla cake donuts, freshly made while you watch, then finished with the ingredients you choose. Some of the yummy temptations include chocolate, vanilla or maple frosting, caramel, peanut butter, chocolate chips, graham crackers, peanuts, cinnamon sugar, jelly, rainbow or chocolate sprinkles, coconut... even bacon!
Patrons can enjoy a cup of hot, fresh coffee while they watch their donut not only being made, but also customized to their specific likes. You can order singly or by the dozen and each can be custom designed and is served to you warm and delicious.
“People have been asking me for years where they could get hot, fresh donuts in the area,” says Bill. So when he closed down Yoder’s Country Store, it seemed like the perfect location to open a donut shop. With its convenient lakeside location and great outside seating, people can easily stop by boat or car for a quick treat.
And like Bill’s other businesses, he insists that only the finest quality ingredients be used in and on his donuts. In fact, he worked with two master bakers on the recipe, ensuring that each donut was cooked perfectly and served up crisp and delicious each time. “Not only did I see a need for it,” explains Bill, “it’s also another family experience at Deep Creek Lake. Because they are custom made, Jimmy can have his donut with rainbow sprinkles while mom can enjoy one with chocolate and coconut and dad can have maple bacon. Everyone gets what they want and they have fun doing it.”
Bill also has a great staff in place ready to work the shop and to create fantastic concoctions for their customers. In addition to the vanilla donuts, Bill also plans to offer daily features...flavors like chocolate, red velvet, apple crisp, pumpkin spice, blueberry and more. The combination of flavors and ingredients is limitless. He is already working with different area organizations to make their donuts available for fund-raising efforts.
For a warm, made to order yummy treat, your taste buds will be impressed with a delicious donut. Deep Creek Donuts will be open weekends through Memorial Day, then open daily starting Mid-June.