Get-n-Go Purchased by GRMC

Last Updated on Feb 5, 2016 at 9:40am | Health & Social

The Get-n-Go Café & Bakery will no longer be the location for a quick snack of fresh baked goodies; it will soon become the site of a medical service owned and operated by the Garrett Regional Medical Center’s Specialty Physician Services.
Garrett Regional Medical Center purchased the Get-n-Go Café & Bakery from long-standing owners, Kiley and Tracy Royce in December of 2015. “The $300,000 property purchase is part of the Hospital’s strategic plan to enhance the community’s access to specialty medical care,” explained Mark Boucot, GRMC president & CEO.  He further explained, “We will begin renovations as soon as possible to prepare the building for use by a specialty physician practice that is very much needed in the community, although I’m not at liberty to divulge what that is at this point until a contract is signed.”
“With the amazing changes Garrett Regional Medical Center has made to improve healthcare for everyone in the region, we anticipate great things to come as they purchase this property,” said Traci Royce.  “The Get n Go Café & Bakery operated for nearly 20 years by providing an uplifting environment for our community.  Even though it will no longer be a place to eat, we are confident it will remain a place that nurtures the soul as our hospital moves forward in providing excellent health care.”  The iconic sign that is well known for its uplifting, inspirational messages will continue to be part of the community for some time.  Kiley and Tracy Royce went on to explain, “It is by the grace of God that we sold this property when it wasn’t even on the market.  We are excited about the next chapter in our lives.”