SBDC Offers CEO Accelerator Course

Last Updated on Sep 1, 2015 at 9:07am | Business Resources

Learn the SBDC's "Strategic Growth System" to Earn More and Work Less. Attend the CEO Accelerator to gain insights on your current challenges through professionally facilitated, open strategic discussions.Everyone participates. Everyone learns. Each CEO receives support, feedback, strategies, perspective, and accountability with the clear goal to"Earn More. Work Less!" 

You'll learn how to own a fast growing company by:
Finding the "time and space" to focus on the most pressing priorities
⇒Working "on" rather than "in"the business, creating dramatic enhancements that will lead to the lifestyle intended
⇒Becoming a catalyst for continuous improvement
⇒Increasing money-making mind-set and financial knowledge
⇒Building a clear and compelling team that is focused on customer needs, strategically aligned to personal goals and financially viable
⇒Instilling a cadence of accountability to execute on and achieve the most critical results
⇒Developing essential systems that drive enduring, measurable results, attract and retain talent, improve work processes, and
   develop intense customer loyalty
⇒Inspiring employees to work towards the critical priorities and creating an environment where employees want to contribute their
    best efforts
⇒Creating a strategic collaborative environment among peer business owners to turn challenges into opportunities (collective CEO
    Think Tank is known as a "Mastermind Group").
This course is being offered at Rocky Gap Casino Resort in Cumberland on October 26-29, 2015. Register online today.