Garrett County Ag Marketing Grants Available

Last Updated on Apr 23, 2015 at 1:31pm | Agribusiness

The Garrett County Department of Economic Development recently announced a new grant program to aid in the promotion of agriculture-based businesses in Garrett County.

Any farm, farm business, farm-related business, or farm-related organization or association based in Garrett County is eligible to apply.

A maximum of ten grants of up to $100 each may be awarded this year to fund up to 90% of the costs of each project. The applicant must contribute at least 10% of the total project costs. For example, if you are purchasing a banner that costs $80.00 (total project cost), you must contribute 10%, or $8.00. In this case, you could apply for up to $72.00 in grant funds. You can, of course, contribute more than 10% of the total project costs. 

Applications are available at on the Agribusiness page, at the Economic Development Office, and extension office and are accepted any time. 
For additional information, contact Cheryl DeBerry, Natural Resources Business Specialist, at (301) 334-696 or email her at