Garrett Commissioners Urged to Undertake Fracking Study

Last Updated on Apr 7, 2015 at 11:05am | Energy

Elliott Perfetti, Operations Manager at Blue Moon Rising, an eco-friendly getaway at Deep Creek Lake, urged the Garrett County Commission on Monday to consider conducting an economic study on the impacts of fracking.
During a commission meeting held at Friendsville, Perfetti stressed that the study shouldn’t be co-opted by either those who were pro- or anti-fracking.
“It has to be a down the middle study ...,” Perfetti said.
Commission chairman Paul Edwards said the county is considering such a study.
“We do need an economic study — it’s not been done specific to Garrett County,” said Edwards. “It’s going to be difficult to commission this study. I think we have to trust the people that are involved in making the decision.”
Edwards said it was going to be challenge to find someone who was in the middle on fracking.
“I think the challenge of admitting we need to do a study has been met,” said Edwards, who noted that the commissioners were trying to come up with money to fund it. Read more>>