Clean Burning Wood Stove Grant Program Available

Last Updated on Apr 23, 2015 at 1:33pm | Energy

To help Maryland homeowners invest in clean energy, the Maryland Energy Administration (MEA) provides grants for clean burning wood stoves that displace electric or non-natural gas fossil fuel heating systems or old wood stoves. After the successes of the Wood Stove Grant pilot in the 2012-2013 heating season, MEA has indefinitely extended the program, while increasing each qualified grant by $100. To ensure you qualify, please closely review the programmatic guidelines.

Programmatic Highlights:
   ♦ Qualified wood stove grants are up to $500; the Qualified pellet stove grants are up to $700.
   ♦ The stove must be installed at a primary Maryland residence.
   ♦ The stove must displace electric or non-natural gas fossil fuel heating systems or old uncertified wood stoves.
   ♦ A property may not receive more than one grant per technology per fiscal year.
   ♦ MEA cannot offer grants to a property held in trust.
Eligible wood stoves must meet both of the following requirements:
   ♦ Wood stoves must be EPA Certified (approved stove list) and emit no more than 3 grams of particulate matter (PM)/hr.
   ♦ Pellet stoves must meet Washington Emission Standards (approved stove list) and emit no more than 2 grams of particulate matter.
Programmatic Updates from your Feedback:
   ♦ You can now self-install a stove, as long as it is inspected by the local permitting office or your insurance provider and a letter from the
      inspector noting that it has been safely installed is submitted.
   ♦ You can now replace a non-qualifying woodstove for a qualifying woodstove and receive a grant. Just ensure that the stove meets
      all of the regulations outlined on the program page
All of these requirements can be found on the woodstove program page.

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