Businesses to Discuss Fracking at Commissioners' Meeting in Friendsville

Last Updated on Mar 31, 2015 at 9:52am | Energy

Concerned businesses in Garrett County will hold a presentation on Marcellus shale drilling in the county during the County Commissioners' publoic meeting on Monday (April 6th) in?Friendsville.
Last week, senators and delegates voted in favor of their chamber’s respective bills to hold drilling companies more responsible for damages and place a three-year moratorium on the natural gas drilling method, according to the Associated Press.
Senators voted 29-17 in favor of Senate Bill 458, which holds drilling companies strictly liable for injuries to residents or their property; and in the case of legal action companies would have to disclose what chemicals they use for drilling. The standards that Senate Bill 458 would impose would be so stringent that they would have the same effect as imposing a moratorium, according to Allegany County Commissioner Bill Valentine and Del. Wendell Beitzel.
In a 93-45 vote in the House, delegates voted to support a three-year moratorium on the drilling practice while more studies are done on fracking’s impact on public health, according to the Associated Press.
Earlier this month, the Commissioners announced the formation of the Garrett County Marcellus Shale Natural Gas Advisory Group. Read more>>