Wisp Agrees - Smaller Resorts Help Build Next Generation of Ski Enthusiasts

Last Updated on Nov 21, 2014 at 10:32am | Tourism & Recreation

The National Ski Areas Association says small ski areas constitute an integral part of the U.S. ski industry.
Lori Epp agrees. “I believe small ski resorts are a crucial step in the successful life cycle of a skier/snowboarder,” said Ms. Epp, the marketing director of Wisp Resort, the snow-sports anchor of western Maryland.
The future of the sport depends on getting beginners to return for another visit, but only 15 percent do, the NSAA said. The association represents 325 alpine resorts that account for more than 90 percent of the skier/snowboarder visits nationwide.
At the association’s national convention in 2009, NSAA president Michael Berry outlined one of its primary missions — “to help resorts recognize the implications of the significant demographic shifts that lie on the horizon. Read more>>