October 2014

Oakland Named One of America's Best Towns for Halloween
Travel+Leisure recently named Oakland America's 17th Best Town for Halloween.
Report Supports Reinvestment, Gives Kudos to Local Programs
Maryland Sustainable Growth Commission report highlights as best practices the cooperation between municipalities and county government in working on town revitalization and economic development.
Let's Get Down to Business - Mt. EverClimb
Darren Kamp, local inventor of the Mt. EverClimb continuous rope climbing machine, has announced an ownership and fabrication partnership with John W. Yoder, owner of Walter N. Yoder & Sons.
Off-Leash Dog Park Proposed in Garrett County
An off-leash dog park has been proposed at the Deep Creek Lake Lion's Club Community Park on Bumble Bee Road in McHenry.
Blue Moon Rising is Halloween-Obsessed!
Blue Moon Rising at Deep Creek Lake was recently featured on a special episode of FYI's "Tiny House Nation."
Celebrating Garrett County's Thriving Rural Manufacturing Industry
We're celebrating Garrett County's thriving manufacturing industry this month with events that will showcase the industry's growth, as well as our historic talents and our character as a community.
SBA Seeking Small Business Week Award Nominees
SBA's online portal is ready to accept nominations for its 2015 National Small Business Week Awards.
Puzzled About Your Future?
Learn about resources as you create your pathway to success.
Power of Possibilities Summit to be Held October 24th
If you work to support entrepreneurs and small businesses in the tri-state region or if you are an engaged, interested entrepreneur or future entrepreneur, this one-day summit is for you!
Deep Creek 2014 to Host 2014 Adventure Racing National Championships
The 2014 Adventure Racing National Championships will draw 63 teams from more than 27 states to Garrett County.