Third Annual Mountain Maker's Fest Slated for August 12th

Last Updated on Jul 21, 2017 at 10:27am | Education

Article courtesy of NCWC Media - The Republican.  Garrett College Correspondent: Stacy Holler.
Garrett College is hosting the third annual Mountain Maker Fest on Saturday, August 12, from 9 a.m. to noon at the college’s Career Technology Training Center (CTTC) located in Accident. The program will have a smaller “footprint” and different components this year, with the focus centered on enabling and celebrating “makers” in the mountain region. The maker movement is a huge, global effort comprised of all those who make, fabricate or craft things for sale, fun or as a “do-it-yourselfer.” Makers include artists, craftspeople, techies, woodworkers, metalworkers, LEGO enthusiasts, electronic designers, and engineers, and are represented throughout the Western Maryland region.
The highlight of this year’s event will be an attempt to create the largest-ever Great Ball Contraption in Garrett County (for a short video, visit All those wishing to participate will take part in creating this, hopefully, record contraption made of LEGOs and other materials. The effort will be led by Chuck Trautwein and his team of LEGO gurus and will take place in the back bay of the CTTC building.
There will also be five courses offered (some free and some with a charge, with all requiring advance registration) on-site throughout the day. One course will provide instruction and activities around basic soldering. Another will cover conductive (as in electricity) paint and art (a very innovative approach to art), while another course will cover entrepreneurial thinking for makers, artists and artisans. Two free courses will be offered to current/future volunteers for the First LEGO League (FLL). These courses will cover Rudiments of FLL and the Robot Challenge.
The third component of this year’s event will be a one-hour period where various regional makers share their products and processes and answer questions. Presentations for these quick (about 10 minutes each) “show-and-tell” sessions include fly fishing “ties,” seed bag crafts, knitting art, and others. There will also be a few interactive maker exhibits available in the building during the day for all to experience high- and low-tech efforts. Discussion and questions are welcome and encouraged. In addition, a follow-up meet-and-greet and discussion session is planned following this year’s event at Smiley’s in McHenry from 12:30 to 2 p.m.
Admission to the general event is free, and all ages are encouraged to attend. For additional information, persons are encouraged to visit or to register for the classes (the rest of the program is set up as a walk-in). Those wishing to participate in the adult maker show-and-tell by sharing their skills, ideas, and creations are encouraged to contact Mike Tumbarello at (301) 387-3167 or